Elevate Your Business with JoQuin Associates

Navigating the financial landscape where the stakes are high and the deals are complex…this is the JoQuin Associates sweet spot. We’re poised to support SMBs, NonProfits, and High Net Worth individuals with tailored financial and accounting services to take you into your future.

Specialized Support

Tailored accounting, bookkeeping, and financial solutions for businesses like yours.

Proactive Approach

We take a proactive tax approach to ensure your business has a stellar reputation.

Long-Term Solutions

Our financial solutions are planned for long-term financial health and steady growth.

What We Do

Stay One Step Ahead

Tax Complexities

The federal tax code changes every year, and it can be tough to keep up and comply fully with it. We audit and prepare your taxes.

Strategic Tax Planning

As your tax advisor, we will help you plan your taxes to ensure you fulfill your tax obligations without hurting your profit margin.

Simplified Process

Our simplified accounting and investment strategies help you easily manage everything and maximize insight into the overall outcome.

Stress-Free Tax Fulfillment

Why SMBs Choose JoQuin Associates

Certified Intuit Advisors

Your Go-To Experts for Maximizing QuickBooks’ Potential. From streamlining bookkeeping to optimizing financial tracking, we unlock the full power of Intuit’s suite of solutions to drive your success.


Investment planning that scales with your business ambitions.

Seamless Business Incorporation & Filings

Start, scale, or pivot with confidence.

In-Depth IRS Negotiations

Navigate IRS challenges with a partner by your side.

Expertise in Nonprofit Organization Accounting

In the unique realm of nonprofit financial management, JoQuin Associates excels. With years of hands-on experience in catering to the accounting and financial needs of nonprofit organizations, we understand the intricacies that set your mission apart. From ensuring compliance with the specific tax exemptions available to nonprofits, to effective fund management and reporting, our team crafts financial strategies that empower your organization’s vision and drive.

Nonprofits have distinct needs, and they deserve an accounting service that’s tailored to those exact requirements. With JoQuin Associates by your side, you can focus on what matters most: making a positive impact in the community.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Joseph Quinones
Joseph Quinones
Love these guys!!
Tony Dawn
Tony Dawn
We needed to verify the authenticity of a city tax bill, which we had unexpectedly received. Mike was not only able to do that, but explained what he could do for us, at no cost, to get us into compliance. Having completed the paperwork, he identified exactly what we should do gong forward. Thanks Mike. A+ for communication. A+ for effectiveness and delivery. A+ for energy and likeability.
Sherry Semock
Sherry Semock
The Best!!
christine deluca
christine deluca
Everyone is wonderful great service everytime.
Henri Guy
Henri Guy
If you’re looking for a great account Joe’s the best. He takes his time with you, you’ll never feel rushed. And you will definitely be satisfied with his great services. Please reach out to him, to see how he can help you. Thank you Joe
Chase Miller
Chase Miller
We love JoQuin!
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